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The thumbnails below provide links to mammoth photocollages--up to 42,000 pixels in width. Zooming software allows exploration of these pictures at full resolution. Printed at 300 dpi they are 5 to 12 feet in width. Each picture is composed of hundreds of smaller pictures, resized and reshaped in Photoshop to create the effect of a photograph made with one shutter-click.


Let Them Eat Cupcake!

Let Them Eat Cupcake!

The Transfiguration, Assumption, and Apotheosis of High-End Luxury Consumables

Apotheosis - Darrell Taylor

Big Gallery Séance: chacun à son goût

Fauxtography Factory Farm

Fauxtography Factory Farm

Metropolis Redux, 2008 (revised 02/15)

Metropolis Redux 

Big Touristic France (La France Gonflée)

Big Touristic France

Meninas Digitalis,

Meninas Digitalis

Polis Amerikanos, 2005 (remade in 2010)    

Polis Amerikanos

The Early Ones
early work
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